How to Conceal a Door in a Wall

I spotted this inside a local cafe this week.


Liquorice Allsort chic is not quite my taste, but the door is not as obvious as could be the case.


It is an a sample of how to incorporate an element into a stronger pattern than the outline as a means to de-emphasise it. Here it could have been further concealed by choosing a different handle, or concealed hinges.


It could also have been made full height.



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I like the idea of a hidden door but like you it’s not to my taste...... but admittedly I did build my own hidden door very like this........ it’s in my shed and I use it to store long stuff under the eves.  




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We're doing similar with 30mm strips of birch ply, full height over our flush door openings. Router out a handhold along one edge of a strip, so no visible handles and roller catches. Hopefully it will look the dogs - took a lot of head scratching between the architect, joiner and ourselves before we worked out the detail. 

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