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The slab team from MBC arrived on site this morning.  It's like having the building version of whirling dervishes who've just dropped a few speedballs.  My word, they make progress!


The team is headed up by Harry and he has 3 others in his team, but this will fluctuate a little over the course of the job with Harry needing to have a look at another job for most of tomorrow then the younger lad taking some leave to go to a music festival.  Tsk, the youth of today!  He worked like a machine, though, apart from the bit where he nearly rolled over one of the piles as he was looking in awed astonishment as a rather attractive young lady farmer drove past on the nearby track in a JCB that was most definitely bigger than the roller machine he was on.  I don't think it was the vehicle that caught his attention so much as the driver.  Sniggers all round.


I arrived just after 8 am this morning and the first lot of hardcore had already been delivered.  1666882496_morningstonedeliveries.thumb.jpg.1820d79c1c004210d776c3ee5ec0d687.jpg



In total, there were 4 loads of type 1, but I piggybacked onto this and ordered an additional load (paid for by me) which the team will then spread and roller for me in the area beyond the bucket in the above photo, which will create a nice level area for the crane when it arrives to bring in the timber frame.  I've had really good luck with the weather so far and hope it continues, but if it rains between now the completion of the timber frame, the site will turn to mud PDQ and slow things down horribly.


Once the hardcore was going down and getting compacted, the piles were cut off to the correct height, leaving the rebar in position, ready to be tied into the beams. 



I have no idea what you call the digger thingy that they are using to move the stone around the site, but it's an impressive beast.  It looks a lot like the bottom of a tank with its caterpillar tracks and then something a bit more transformers-like with its swivelly cab and arm.  Either way, it was mechanical poetry in motion when driven by someone who clearly knew what they were doing.




The team will have been working till 7pm this evening, so they will have got all the hardcore down and compacted and were going to start on the sand, if they had the time.  The first load of sand arrived about 4.30 this afternoon, more to follow on tomorrow morning.  As well as working 12 hour days, Harry has already had a chat with the neighbours to let them know that they will be working over the weekend, too, on both days.  The insulation is due for delivery tomorrow and they will be putting the pipes that carry the service cables into this, along with the UFH pipes.  I'm not sure when the steels will arrive, but that must be also imminent as the piles will need to be tied in before the concrete is poured.  The building inspector is coming on Monday to check out everything before the pour.




I've read a couple of horror stories and some not-quite-horror-but-not-very-nice-stories about uneven slabs, so I've told Harry that before they leave site, I need him to demonstrate with a laser that everywhere that a wall rests is absolutely level and within tolerance. Harry is a man of few words and he didn't quite bat an eyelid, but I explained that I would much rather that something like that is demonstrated rather than just verbally assured.  He seemed fine with it.


So, one final picture of the hardcore going down, from the garage side of the house.  More blow-by-blow action to follow tomorrow.







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