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Spring has sprung, but still wet and cold, but some progress.



After my horrid time earlier this year I am now going to post something more positive.


As of yesterday, I was offered a job, not ideal (is any job ideal), rather than working from home I must go to the office which takes 40mins each way and hubby is disappointed that he will be left on his own all day.


That said even with time out for funeral 250 miles away and wet, wet, wet we have progressed.


Some pictures.


hardcore & binding (take 2 after previous issues)



now the expansion foam around the sides



The heave protection next



then taping



next was the rebar




here is the pour on top of the rebar - 200mm



drying concrete slab with no hint of everything underneath, typical building, lots of expense and nothing to see.



the first row of outside blocks added showing the cavity



first blocks over DPC



with all the rain we have created a bit of a swimming pool




It was at this point that we purchased a puddle pump as hubby really didn't like having to kneel and build low in water


going up with some windows & doors framed



insulation going in



joining the existing walls to the new part



this is where some of the kitchen cabinets will be hung, so although internal we are using heavier blocks to take any necessary weight

On the left hand side you can see part of the existing barn that will be staying.

The roof is currently being held up with barrels and wood





building from scaffolding is a real milestone, makes it seem like we are getting somewhere.



To protect the insulation, we have the original insulation from the barn roof cut up to provide a 'roof' over the cavity.


Having made the frames for the remaining to windows these need to be placed in situ for building around.

This area will be our front hall and snug.

Of course, the front door will only be used by visitors, but we will go through the hall internally to get into the snug.

With all the cavities it is smaller than I hoped, but with all the insulation it will be much warmer than our single skin house.


Hope you enjoy the pictures, next time I hope to be at lintel and wall plate level, but we would like the weather to improve.


Thanks for reading




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That’s quite a bit of progress despite everything you have gone through. 👍

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Love tidy insulation install with the full fill batts. 


Keep up the good work.

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