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About this blog

After spending 50 years always being right, I have finally come to realise that in each project I in fact failed my way to success. This is also true in my Rainwater Harvesting DIY project. The last fails with this were due to my inexperience in soldering wires.


I hope to set out some basic considerations when considering Rainwater use and share my system details.



Entries in this blog

The 4 phases from Rainwater to flushing the loo

We use 4 phases from rainwater to flushing the loo with it and they are:   Collecting, separating and storing in bulk tank. Fine filtering and storing in barrel. filling the gravity tank in the loft Filling the cistern   This is not the only system that is possible but one that works with our property limitations. This design and its controls take into account freezing conditions. We use two 12V pumps run from batteries and PV.  

Rainwater harvesting DIY overview

This info relates to a DIY rainwater harvesting system, not a commercial system, and therefore the water must not be drunk!     You should be careful using rainwater not to mix it with mains (Potable) Water as it is not suitable to drink and you could poison your house supply! To be clear birds poo on your roof and then it rains.  However there are ways to elevate the problem in a DIY system so there is no smell or colour problems but it still cannot be drunk!    You should n


Marvin in Rainwater

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