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I'm about 90% there with my ducting order.


Could anybody help with the following questions?


- I have a run of about 6 meters that will need to be hung, do most use gripples and rings to support this, if so what distance between each fixing?

- The website I'm looking at has metal ducting and metal ducting with a rubber seal, is it worth going for this? Once these are connect is that it, no extra measures over the joints?

- Although I'm using metal ducting, it's been suggested that I used flexible ducting for the last bit so vibration is limited (the unit is in the utility room), how do you connect flexible ducting to the metal ducting and also the unit?

- Have others insulated the ducting even if it's in a warm space?


Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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We used a manifold to split the main trunk (metal) to multiple flexi ducts. The manifold was quite close to the MVHR, the flexis were long.


Insulation inside the warm space is essential for the 2 runs between the MVHR and the external cowls else you will get condensation. After three attempts with the supplied foil-backed fibre insulation and aluminium sealing tape I finally resorted to armacell sheets that are stuck to the metal duct - this is excellent stuff. I used the non-self adhesive stuff and purchased a tin of adhesive with it.


For runs between MVHR and internal vents we did not insulate - not needed as air is not very hot or cold relative to room temperature.

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