ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

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1 hour ago, Russell griffiths said:

have a tolerance of up to 50mm over 10m. 



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Fair point Russel, but this was 45mm within 3M , also the contractor is sound and expected 10mm levelness of himself. but you are spot on! I used one engineer for the foundation and another engineer for the superstructure(Manufacturer Eng), and I tried to make them talk :) but they were real hesitatant. As you said, the drawings for the foundation should have Specified the tolerance for the foundation on the DRAWINGS.

 on another note, there is a Pier that comes out perpendicular from the top right Column,  (Only small one 550mm) , but as you can see above, it was missed by the foundation engineer, who had the superstructure eng's drawings :) .. I'm still going to stick the Pier in to the edge of the foudation, but it will be 300mm instead of 550mm now.


Looks like I'm a big believer in too many chefs in the kitchen. No doubt I'll be back here crying soon :) (Looking for your support again)

Thanks again everyone

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