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hi all


Im Garry, im just gettin plans drawn to build a detached house, i can do a lot of the inside work myself but got to pay for real builders/trades to do what i cant so if anyone has any tips on how to save money feel free to share.


Im currently trying to see how much a new sewer connection is,  some places are just obvious rip offs, can anyone recommend a company they have used? im in the East mIdlands. Also im trying to find out what an average bricky costs per sq m or per 1000 bricks


With this being my first own project ive got a million things to sort out, so am trying to do it piece by piece as ive no real idea of what costs are - ive worked buiding with my dad and brother beofre but costs seem to have hsot up massively since a few years ago.


thanks for any help

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the club.

Can you give us a rough area where you are? Say County or nearest town.


My top tip is to give yourself headspace to make sure it is right, even if that takes more elapsed time - most self-builders only do it once so you have to get it right first, rather than learning from your mistakes.



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