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  1. gwebstech

    Query on how to fit mains water in floor

    thanks, yes that dawned on me today thinking about the drainage- doh!
  2. gwebstech

    Query on how to fit mains water in floor

    thanks mate, this is what i was thinking is theo nly way to do it. Im assuming BCO passed this? my point was that you have to break the membrane somewhere which i thought wold cause damp/moisture issues
  3. gwebstech

    Query on how to fit mains water in floor

    after your toby??
  4. gwebstech

    Query on how to fit mains water in floor

    You misunderstand me, im just saying that a pipe coming into the property, is better away from the external walls
  5. gwebstech

    Query on how to fit mains water in floor

    Thanks mate, thats the only way i can think of doing it. If im right though, the visqueen has to overlap the external brick/blockwork doesit it? that means obv that any ducting cant be along an external wall? i know BC wil ltell me how but its bugging me trying to work it out thanks
  6. Hi all Im building a new house, and just wondering about getting the new water connection into the house. I read that ill need to fit a sleeve/ducting (to fit the new water pipe into) underneath the poured concrete floor, but if using ie visqueen as a barrier, how do you make sure the floor wont let damp through when you have to have ducting in there somewhere? i can run the piping/ducting into the corner of the floor to be laid but surely that means the floor isnt "sealed" properly to stop moisture getting through. Surely the pipe has to be deep enough to go under the visqueen and therefore come up through it? Also, if i fit the new water pipe in the floor for when the water company come to connect, can they make a permanent connection to a pipe ive already laid to my boundary or does it have to be 1 straight run of pipe from where they connect the water to? ie without any joins? hope this makes sense thanks
  7. thank for that, i agree, i imagine HMRC bend the rules as much as possible to suit themselves
  8. Hi all, I know that you can claim the VAT back for most materials on new builds - as long as you plan to live in it. But my question is, how long do you have to live in it to class as 'place of residence' as far as the VAT man is concerned? Im trying to build a house this year and i estimate there to be around £8000 VAT to be claimed back, but not if i sell it - obviously this complicates the issue for me. I dont know how much profit ill make yet, and that extra VAT might make the difference in whether its a good profit or not. thanks for any help
  9. gwebstech

    Hello from me!

    Hi, sorry, i didnt know id had a reply! im in the East Mids. Not far from Alfreton
  10. gwebstech

    Hello from me!

    hi all Im Garry, im just gettin plans drawn to build a detached house, i can do a lot of the inside work myself but got to pay for real builders/trades to do what i cant so if anyone has any tips on how to save money feel free to share. Im currently trying to see how much a new sewer connection is, some places are just obvious rip offs, can anyone recommend a company they have used? im in the East mIdlands. Also im trying to find out what an average bricky costs per sq m or per 1000 bricks With this being my first own project ive got a million things to sort out, so am trying to do it piece by piece as ive no real idea of what costs are - ive worked buiding with my dad and brother beofre but costs seem to have hsot up massively since a few years ago. thanks for any help