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  1. Hi guys Im going to do a lot of the running the pipes around myself and only get a plumber to do what i cant. So with a new build, a combi boiler and approx 13 radiators, whats the best design or system to run them around? Ive read that feed and return pipes are best - so i assume thats running 22mm to feed to every rad, one for feed and one for return, but if im going to use microbore pipe will that work ok with this system? ive read something about manifolds and dont understand it. I understand the microbore can be ran behind the plasterboard to save losing width in the room with 15mm pipe Any advice is appreciated thanks
  2. i saw they did say that but ive seen enough people before i asked on here saying the opposite
  3. Hi all Ive just laid some 22mm p5 grade chipboard over timber joists, 400mm centres, glued and screwed. Im reading conflicting info about whether i need to nog where the board edges are not on a joist? ive been told that if id cut every board to fit on a joist that would have been ideal, sounds obvious now but it my first time and ive dropped a clanger not doing that : ( as far as i can see NHBC standards say all short edges should be nogged Anyone had direct experience of this? thanks
  4. Thanks, yes i read that too. Of course the battle is to prove intent or not : ) and luckily theres no CIL here
  5. yes, ive def thought about that. Ive done my calculations and there will be circa £8k VAT to reclaim, but to live there for 12 months so as not to upset the VAT man would cost more than i could claim back in VAT anyway. So then i have to factor in the CGT and see which is the best option theres no clear answer as far as i can see, all depends on what the tax man decides and if you choose to fight it
  6. HI all Im just wanting to check, if i build a new property, and i want to claim the VAT back , its irrelevant if im living in the property or selling it on isnt it? thanks
  7. Hi all Im coming to get the doorways built in my new house, and am i right in thinking that the main entrance door, as to be used by wheelchairs should have a clear opening of 900mm? its part M i think. Thats the inside width of the door frame? i ask as ive been told that maximum width i can have a new composite door made is 1015mm brick work opening. Is that enough to get the 900mm clearance? Also can i make the windows so that the escape windows are only on the rear? i ask that as i dont know if top openers can be used as fire escape windows and idl ike a certain look of windows on the front but wasnt sure if theyd be classed as escape windows due to only being top openers THANKS
  8. remove the laitance? Just rang Tarmac and they said i needed curing agent and something else and then he said hed have to get someone to lay it for me?! - im trying to save money, not pay people to do what i can do. And i cant even find a local supplier for Agilia so ill just use normal readymix on site
  9. im ringing tarmac tomo to see what the cost is, ill let you know. If it flows so much easier less need for extra labour!
  10. Hi my BI said he used Agilia on a project and as it flows so well its a lot easier to use - anyone have experience of it? ive also no idea of cost compared to concrete mixed on site thanks
  11. ive got 2 old wheelie bins on site, and have pumped some soakaway water into them -great minds think alike lol