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Powerfloated floor cleaning and sealing


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Hi all, 


So we are at the exciting stage of having to lift all our protective chipboard that covers the powerfloated slab that will be our finished floor. The house is extremely dusty, so it will need a good clean and sealing (I assume?). 


We have 2 children, so the floor will need to stand up to various food splashes and crayon/felt tip/sudocrem staining. Is there a specific sealer that we should use - it needs to have a totally matt finish, not shiny at all. I have found a Sika one (proseal W) that claims to do everything that is required, but also requires that the surface is sandblasted/acid etched before applying, which somewhat defeats the purpose of power floating it in the first place! BTW, the slab was poured approx 18 months ago so should be well cured by now, I would hope. 


Any advice appreciated :)

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