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On 25/02/2017 at 10:17, Nickfromwales said:

If the pipes are dry then they're disconnected. There's no way a blockage would be tight to 1 bar on BOTH pipes ;) 

It may well be that this was the old heat leak rad that was plumbed in parallel to the hot water cylinder so, worst case, will need to be teed back into the flow and return. 

Is there a magnetic filter at the new boiler location?


Oh, and don't forget to make sure rain can't fill the clear bag ;) 

Hi Nick

I have a similar problem with a slow pressure drop with a new Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28. 

Daft question but how do you find the leaks and where are they? Before I had this new boiler fitted we thought there was an underfloor pipe leak as two radiators required constant bleeding. All radiators work fine now except one upstairs which is a bit slow but we don't get any air in them at all now.

Any help much appreciated as I must have topped up the pressure about 6-10 times in the last 3 months. The plumber says it's not the boiler but that was some time ago.


I am also a little concerned about the use of leak sealer. Plumbers must have put about 3 lots in during the last 6 months but so far as I know Vaillant do not prohibit this. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know thanks.


Last but not least, I can't find the PRV on my boiler, there certainly aren't any external pipes. All pipes are well insulated and I am wondering if it was plumbed into the condensation pipe which seems to be constantly dripping down the drain. It's a large diameter pipe so no problems with icing up ;-)

Thanks angel-smiley-002.gif

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A photo from under the boiler could be handy to find the prv pipe.

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