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As soon as Wren started pushing for a deposit and immediate decision - they got one.  Thanks but no thanks.


I'm another 'DIY kitchen' lover.  Plenty of advice and support, no pushing and great customer service

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1 hour ago, Kim said:

wow, thanks for all the responses all, its really interesting reading everyones experiences.


I have committed via deposits on each kitchen to secure all the January discounts even if i make changes in May it will apply and i will be entitled to any better discounts if/when they come out.


I have paid the Building Company to fit both kitchens and will be with there reputation and warranties obviously. Wren weren't bothered by this at all when i said that. The work surfaces are fitted by there Quartz company though.



Your far less likely to have problems with the builder fitting the kitchen 

Than Joe blogs  via the kitchen seller Who is under pressure to finish in a day 


Hope all goes well 

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