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Thin bed "mortar"

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Been looking into thin bed joints for my brick facade, I think with uniform bricks it will look superb.


Now this is a long shot, but it would be great if people have experience or any input to this. 


There are a few solutions offered on the internet, from no viable joints to traditional thin mortar joints.


The thinnest results come from using special bricks or using a glue.


One of the bricks I have seen


Other solution is to go with the traditional method. Any input would be appreciated as I don't think this is very common, and it could become a total nightmare!

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I also read your post on white bricks, so I can see where you are with this.  Just bear in mind that if you do anything other than standard it will costs £££s and will look crap if it is not done well.  I am currently looking at a 1990s building that has used coloured mortar and the batches don't match, so there are bands of brick which really stick out.


Have a look at and download the pdfs for inspiration.

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