Reattaching LED Strip of Lights

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My kitchen has one of these ('orrible imo, but I do not have the casting vote) led strips along the plinth panels.


Approx 1m has become detached after a few (9-10) years.


Can anyone recommend the correct glue to reattach? They are a plasticky self-adehsive strip not unlike the things that used to connect the circuit board of a dot matrix printer to the print head (plus adhesive, which has died), so non absorbent surfaces both sides.


In the house this morning I have superglue, double sided tape, artists mounting spray glue, carpet spray glue, the 2 part mitre bond, wood glue and perhaps a couple of others. Some are obviously wrong - but of those I am inclined to try double sided tape.





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Superglue works if you want it permanently bonded. 

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