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Time to ditch BT

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I have recently ditched BT, I was tied in until Jun/Jul 19, however with the price increase you can ditch within 30 days of notification.


I am going with Vodafone as we are in the FIbre area (Fiber box "in" my front hedge).


I gave BT the chance to match Vodafone but they could only offer the broadband at the same price then you added line rental, Vodafone had no line rental.  So next day I confirmed with Vodafone and called BT to tell them to (politely shove off), they then offered me the price without having to pay line rental and if you go online you can get it with "line rental for 18 months included".


I wonder how many customers they had to lose before realising that everybody else was offering prices without charging line rental!


Out of principal I was going to leave anyway (issues with our re-connection another story) and would recommend that to anybody as they are pushing themselves as paying more for a premium service (their quote) when I quoted the Plusnet prices to them (BT owned) and they also pushed free BT sport (I am not interested in subsidising Footballers, if I was I would have Sky Sports packages).


We are also changing the in laws over to Vodafone Fibre.


anybody else looking at this?

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5 minutes ago, ProDave said:

Are you actually getting a landline with Vodafone of is this all wireless?

All landline, through the existing copper.  78Mb Connection (same as BT).


The Vodafone network takes over at the exchange.


I am actually taking an option with a 4G celular backup in case the line goes down.

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