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@Mr Punter  you  would think if he did he would have had someone from his insurers round to look at it.  He refuses to communicate emails and phone messages go unanswered, he has received them.  I suspect he is operating without any insurance and spends the profit as soon as it comes in.


Having checked out the ltd company at companies house the address on his guarantee is actually the address of the company formation agents and address was changed to a residential one after that.  All his paperwork has the incorrect address on it. When we asked him about the address on the invoice and guarantee we were told it was his accountants address.  That was a lie. The insurance backed guarantee ....hate to test that on the structure of the drive not on his slapdash mess of the gates. 


It seems from Co House records he went bust in 2015 and started up right after under a very similar name, to Joe public hardly noticeable and not immediately apparent from his local advertising I would think.  He has been around a long time as a family business just not it turns out the same company. Co Hse records show liquidators were chasing him for repayment of directors loan and they got lawyers in to the end they recovered 900 out of the thousands he owed his company, hence not much to pay creditors.


He seemed ok, he sent us to see previous customers to speak to them and see his work and all was positive. We went to a house in the next village and they were highly complimentary.


I just think he hasnt got the money to do the rectifications and his documents are mickey mouse so not worth paper printed on.  If he is broke he should have come and fessed up and made an arrangement.  I think if we get a judgement against the company he will go into a voluntary liquidation having gone bust once he now knows the ropes......thats making a lot if assumptions but its the only theory holding water at the mo


oh and the residential address is not registered at land registry nor is he owner of any neighbouring properties in the postcode so perhaps it is a garden annex/office at a rented house.... needs a trip to view methinks.


Happy days!

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Could you get a reputable company in to do the gate in the same finish as the drive? 


Too soon? :)

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