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Bonded down Bamboo, how flat a floor?

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Morning comrades,


I'm looking to get my concrete slab ready for bonding down bamboo click flooring.

My slab is not the most even, and I've already identified a dip of circa 20mm in one corner of the open plan space.

I've bought some self levelling to sort this out (setcrete deepbase)


my question really relates to minor imperfections/unevenness off the 3-6mm variety.


I want the floor to look good, but I don't want to spend unnecessary effort trying to get it flawlessly flat if I don't need to.


do I need to even these out? or will the adhesive BONA R844 help out?





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I bonded down bamboo to both a primed power floated concrete slab and an OSB floor.  I found that just laying a good thickness of the Sikabond 95 adhesive on the floor, as if laying tiles, then laying the bamboo and just walking over it, resulted in a pretty flat floor, with no creaks.  The adhesive will take out up to about 3mm of unevenness OK, but it is costly!

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