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  1. Definitely no good for anything other than a mound? I found permeable soil at circa 3m just as I was giving up
  2. I've gone with it = 900lm of 32x150 Siberian larch on route to make up some board on board cladding and decking metabo hc260c planer/thicknesser enroute too.
  3. bought mine from vida xl https://www.manomano.co.uk/filter/stone-fence-2508?brand_names=VIDAXL free delivery, which for me up north, is amazing
  4. Pictures would be good, and a realistic appraisal of how much work you would take on yourselves
  5. Induction topped Range for me in m new Kitchen, wouldn't change it for anything, Had previously been eye level double oven with separate hob.
  6. I have a similar layout living/dining/kitchen and really I cant say I've been bothered by noise etc. I picked a low noise dishwasher, and extractor, and bobs your uncle. I tend to put the dishwasher on before I go to bed, so I cant say it would be a problem anyway
  7. @Midona looks like a good spot, you are lucky
  8. @ProDave yes terrible sailor, born and brought up in Stornoway, played for school footy team which meant weekly trips to the mainland, and still was sick every time, was like unintended bulimia, however that's all past now and I get to laugh at my kids suffering the same
  9. A beautiful part of the world Ullapool, though I hated it for the first 20 years of my life as whenever I was there I had just been seasick or just about to be seasick, how close to the town is your plot?
  10. Yeah just the look that the wife will accept,
  11. Sounds like your giving a thumbs up 😂
  12. Seperating the cladding from the decking its 500 lm or 125 planks or so Its apparently regularised though obviously thats only known for sure once it arrives 4 passes per plank, I'm assuming 1 on each side? Board on board I'm guessing would only need the face side of one layer, and face and sides of top layer boards to be planed... or does it all have to be planed to ensure regularity? Are we talking days or weeks to get this all done, with help to lug, position and stack planks Adding the decking into the equation it would mean not only a cost saving but the decking quality would go up from English larch to siberian I have to be realistic though
  13. Yeah it's a bit about having the machine at the end of it too 😉 Is 500 m worth that much effort, 100 odd boards. Are we talking a day or two? I genuinely don't know as I've nevered used a thicknesser
  14. Hi there, I'm looking at board on board Siberian larch cladding for my house, I need approximately 500linear metres I was also looking at smooth English Larch for decking as I cant afford hardwood, and dislike grooved softwood treated decking, again circa 500 linear metres. for the cladding itself I can save approximately £600 by buying Kiln dried Larch board, approx. 25 x 150 and probably the same again if I bought 32x 150 larch boards for decking £500 for a planer/thicknesser of decent enough quality so a small saving on planning my own cladding, but a bigger saving if I do decking too Is it worth the effort, are there any risks, is it too much work to plane my own wood? any advice much appreciated
  15. where about in Aberdeenshire are you building?