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  1. Never mind pinged my Brother in law a message who works for a local company that sells all sorts of bits and pieces £66 inc vat for 1500 stainless steel screws- he says ' yeh the markup on fasteners is pretty large' - pretty large? try 10 fold.
  2. Holy Moly the price of stainless steel fixings.. I simply cannot believe it, I need circa 2000 of them - face fixed Is there any reason deck screws cannot be used? Similar to these https://www.screwfix.com/p/timbadeck-double-countersunk-stainless-steel-decking-screws-4-5-x-75mm-500-pack/26316 https://www.screwfix.com/p/deck-tite-double-countersunk-stainless-steel-decking-screw-4-5-x-75mm-200-pack/52019 Also can coated screws (ugly green things) be used on the boards behind - that are unseen https://www.screwfix.com/p/timbadeck-double-countersunk-carbon-steel-decking-screws-4-5-x-65mm-1300-pack/23160#product_additional_details_container
  3. I'm nearly ready for starting this job, Bit of an odd situation in that the timber I ordered doesnt match what I ordered I ordered 900 lm of 30mm siberian larch 154 lengths at 3m 90 lengths at 5m What was delivered was 154 at (minimum) 3.2m 90 lengths at 6m all approx 33-34mm - so I've ended up with a lot more wood that I bargained for Real heavy, thick wood - going to be great for the decking, but very chunky for Cladding which is either gonna look great/unique or ridiculous. Planer to be built tonight,
  4. Also splash zone If the woods too close to ground level the rain will splash up and ruin the ends.
  5. Very quick question attaching 30mm thick larch barge board to rendered blockwork What fittings to use, hammer fixings? drill through, wall plug and stainless steel screws?
  6. If its to be painted, couldn't you get cementitious board like cedral which looks the same but doesn't need painted?
  7. any recommendations on fixings attaching battens/counter battens to building (timber) Screws or nails? attaching face fix larch cladding - screws or nails?
  8. have you asked Ali? at rationel for a discount? I managed to get some off when I asked nicely
  9. Hi, I assume its just cold water that you are putting in the loops at start of the test?
  10. @JSHarris panic over, kytun pvc and aluminium both have retro fit options Thanks once again!
  11. Hi there, I've got a standard slated roof (sarking board underneath) and now that I'm coming to think about timber cladding, barge board, soffit etc I'm looking at the edge detailing (verge?) of the slates and wondering what the hell to do. I hate soffit/fascia/barge board boxy overhangs so I had planned to keep them to a minimum. Currently there is a 9 cm slate overhang at the gable(6cm of it includes sarking board overhang), and nominally I thought I would. 1. Attach treated timber to wall, circa 4cm thick, trim back sarking so its level with this board 2. Attach Siberian Larch barge board to timber batten, circa 28mm thick, butted up to slates, leaving a 2-3cm overhang of just slate 3. somehow magically fill in the gap between barge board and slates. the slating, other than labouring is the one area I didnt pay any attention to, Now reading about it now, I should have installed some sort of dry verge? too late to easily retrofit, using only my diy skills? is there other options? wet verge- pointing with cement?
  12. That's really lovely lizzie Mine will be a little more rustic, whether I like it or not Another question I've decided how I will be affixing the larch barge board, question is how close do I put it to the bottom of the slates? They currently overhand a few inches, I intend to but the larch right up to them, subject to someone telling me what I should put in between barge board and the slates or that I should leave a small gap?
  13. do you have any pics @Triassic do you have no metal flashing above the windows to provide a drip etc?
  14. So some stupid timber cladding questions, before I start planning how I'm going to attack this - my focus has been entirely elsewhere for months. I have circa 50m2 of Vertical Board on Board Cladding to do. Roof is on, slated etc. Temporary fascias in place to give kick for slate etc, but does need replaced. No barge boards and/or soffits in place yet- plan is to minimise the barge board/fascia/box end to the absolute minimum Plan for cladding is vertical, and horizontal cross battening out, before board on board cladding is installed. so, stupid questions in order. 1. Do I need to figure out and install fascia soffit, barge board, box bloody end etc first, and install. Then clad up to it or, clad first and install fascia/soffit over the top. 2. What can i use for a flashing/drip detail at top of window. This doesn't seem to be on the plans architect supplied, so I've missed it out. I've been looking around and timber cladding builds and some dont appear to have anything above window, other than timber detailing? 3. does anyone have any decent links to videos of timber cladding detailing/installation - I've not really found anything that goes into detail about cladding round doors and windows.
  15. looks really great have you had previous experience laying this type of driveway, or did you learn on the job?