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  1. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    I find that if I stop, I take a long time to start again. Therefore I cannot stop, every night i'm out there doing something for minimum 3 hours it is difficult with 3 kids under 6, to balance work, build and supporting the wife, but If I don't do it, no one else will...
  2. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    Haha well good to hear we’re all in the same boat, I toned it down to once to save face
  3. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    Hi no problem with patio unfortunately I already have rodding eyes,, traps etc, so inspection chambers would add cost - possible I could go ahead and buy them though not sure on the 222, I think that might be wall width as its where two structures meet nothing in the notes of any interest in terms of 'foul drainage;
  4. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    I had two mins, so here is an excerpt from plans (you can see gulley trap noted at sinks) you can see rodding access then you have my mspaint rough an ready drawing
  5. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    @mvincentd I had a crisis too, last December before any of the build started I was on the phone with my wife at 9am, from work, crying like a baby believe it or not she told me to quit my job, and forget the build - which gave me the kick up the backside I needed
  6. Tin Soldier

    Fallout with builder- now I’m on drains - questions

    stupid stupid question the gulley traps do they need the hopper on top as you normally see 40mm waste going into or are the traps buried, with no hopper as the waste pipe exiting the building is 110mm
  7. Evening all subsequent to a fallout with the builder who was going to be doing my drainage and front steps, looks like I’m on my own so drains are in the building and exit concrete slab internally externally I have nothing yet- other than the bits and pieces simple question first my plans show a gulley trap for kitchen sink, and the showers it shows the toilets connecting straight into the waste is this right? Sinks need gulley traps? Even though the wast pipe exits way below ffl thanks scott
  8. Tin Soldier

    Cabinet Interior- Varnish, Lacquer or Oil?

    SimplySimon thanks for the response, I have used Hardwax oil - looking great so far
  9. Hi there, I'm ready to pain my kitchen cabinets. externals/doors will be painted interiors are oak veneered mdf for cabinetry and solid oak for drawers. Whats the best way to finish these? lacquer, varnish or oil? thanks Scott
  10. Tin Soldier

    Why are laminate worktops 600mm?

    as sorry you caught me out on ikea I need them to be minimum 2.7m length - which I don't think they do?
  11. Morning After blowing our finances completely, our expensive worktop is on hold, so I need a temporary worktop that I can fit myself laminate is the lad, as they can be found cheap However, my kitchen cabinetry is 600mm deep, and so are all the cheap laminates that I can find - b and q, ikea, worktop express etc am I going mad? why are they not 620 mm like my existing to allow overhang? any advice on where to pick up the cheapest 620mm laminate?
  12. Tin Soldier

    Door Linings/Frames - Questions

    Righto thanks People another question When making up your own liners, do you need to route in a trench, like the premade ones have? is there any jointing that has to go on prior to fitting with the top and sides?.. is it butt jointed or mitred etc any other tips much appreciated.
  13. Tin Soldier

    Door Linings/Frames - Questions

    are door linings exact fit for door size i.e an 838 door lining is exactly 838 wide, or are they slightly wider to accommodate door opening?
  14. Tin Soldier

    Door Linings/Frames - Questions

    thanks guys its nice to get confirmation of what I'm thinking didn't realise there was 125mm lining - I've asked TP for a quote
  15. Hi There, I need to hang 8 doors, 5 of them I have purchased oak linings and stops 3 of them I will need to purchase standard pine linings Doors yet to be purchased but will be standard 1981 by 838 doors Situation as is I want to start with Pine linings so I'll focus my questions on this for the moment The apertures for internal doors are 212mm x 940mm x 123mm wide (The width of the aperture is made up of 2x 11.5mm plasterboard, 1xOSB sheet and timber stud) there is no flooring, but in the area that I will be lining with pine it will be carpeted at some point in the future when I have the money to do it. the lining options I see at my local TP are 115mm or 138mm 1. I assume I buy the 138mm liners and trim to fit on site 2. do I have the liners hard to the floor, ahead of the carpet coming - or do I have it raised of the ground 3. what width/height should I be looking for the final aperture to be. I've read I should leave 3-4 mm all round the door, with 20mm at the bottom? 4. recommended fixing method to timber studs? That's it for now - I will have questions re oak liners and doors - that's still to come.