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  1. Tin Soldier

    Best (i.e. easiest!) way to level floor?

    Rob I used setcrete deepbase does up to 50mm
  2. Tin Soldier

    VCL & SIP

    we definitely needed vcl, though I just boarded it out with foil backed plasterboard instead
  3. Tin Soldier

    Real World SIPs Experiences

    example of sips panels for part of my roof ready to be lifted on
  4. Tin Soldier

    Real World SIPs Experiences

    I have built a single storey 135m2 extension built using Kingspan Tek Sips It's allowed me to have 4m vaulted ceiling, and loftspace above that's warm and sealed, some interesting angles too It was purchased through THCL, who subcontract the work of erection of the kit out The team of 4 that arrived were incredibly diligent and hardworking, and specialised in this work, so the erection of if went pretty smoothly panels that were delivered onsite were perfect and did not need tweaking, which cannot be said for some of the supporting timber that was supplied wrongly The erection were not happy with the slab that was laid in terms of flatness, and 1 part being slightly askew, but worked around it no problems battening out for plasterboard etc Its nice and toasty happy to answer any specific questions
  5. Tin Soldier

    Anyone who has a manifold from wundafloor?

    not sure what you mean do you mean these? https://www.wundatrade.co.uk/shop/tools-accessories-2/isolation-valves-pair/
  6. Tin Soldier

    how to patch up a 2cm line of plaster?

    ok thanks gents, very much appreciated, I'll have an attempt at it tonight and see how it goes
  7. Tin Soldier

    how to patch up a 2cm line of plaster?

    are you saying I need to chip off the skimmed plaster in order for tape to adhere to it?
  8. Hi there, I've had to alter the size of my door openings, lowering the head by 11cm, which for some reason were left too big by panel company and I never though to check before everything was boarded and skimmed, I've done this utilising cls timber, and faced the timber with plasterboard so that its just shy of level with current skimmed walls. so this has left me with a problem. my architraves are 9cm, which leaves 2cm of bare plasterboard above (between architrave and skimmed wall) and unfortunately I'll have to do this for every door What is the easiest method of patching this up myself - without getting plasterer in. the walls are unpainted, but are skimmed. is there ready made plaster/product that I can use to fill and sand? I'm worried about it cracking as doors will be opened and closed etc - are there any meshes/ alternatives to add in to stop that from happening? any advice greatly appreciated Scott
  9. Tin Soldier

    Air admittance valve / soil vent pipe

    yes out of house and into other section of fouls, AAV it is then
  10. Tin Soldier

    Air admittance valve / soil vent pipe

    sorry to hijack thread, but I guess its relevant question If you are converting a room downstairs to a bathroom of an existing 2 storey property, can you use an aav, given there is another bathroom on the 1st floor above (with vent through the roof? or with it have to have its own soil vent pipe through the roof? it would be joining the existing foul drains outside the property
  11. Has anyone got a source for a reasonable priced feed and expansion tank, either stainless or copper 30-40 litres? I am not liking the prices I am currently seeing.
  12. Hi Nick Do you have any comment on the system diagram above, I appreciate your expertise in these type matters,
  13. Alex Did you install the laddomat etc yourself?
  14. I've not found them overly helpful their response was We don't sell direct so you will have to purchase the product through a Plumbing Merchant. We deal with most of the main ones all over the country. In terms of price, you are looking at €708.00 (Nett) for the 30Kw Heat Genie with 1.3 m probe or €765.00 (Nett) for the 30Kw Heat Genie with 4m probe. These prices are excluding V.A.T. and are only a guideline for you.
  15. Thanks Alex good link - laddomat cheaper than I have found, and a decent priced flue thermostat, would save me a bob or two depending on shipping cost