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Sill-y Question!


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good morning all !


We have the roofers starting next week (fingers crossed) and the chippys are just finishing the exterior battening to get 
teh render board on ....and its got me thinking about window detail (as you do!)

now our house is almost IDENTICAL, to the image below ...which is one build around 7 years ago ...except
Instead of a course of tile creasing on the plinth ....we have gone for cant plinth brick (3.1.1) 

As you can see (and its the same at the rear ...but the side doesnt have many windows (for planning happiness!)


SOME of the windows on the lower floor will finish just above plinth brick ,,,and some of the windows upstairs will basically be flashed to the roof (dormer) and some 
will have to meet the rendered area (2 will)  ...


what would you suggest should be  the window sill detailing ?...

bearing in mind our plinth does not have an overhang but is finished FLUSH with external course (to avoid chipping) 

I mean i suppose i need to work out some way of the brickwork MEETING the render area ?
as the flush plinth course doesnt really create a protruding sill ....someone suggested slanted "brick on edge"...hmmm


with a tile crease, a plinth and a brick on edge ....LOL. I am thinking it could look "bitty" and non-consistent ...
anyone got any suggestions?


as usual it is appreciated



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On 30/06/2018 at 08:02, bassanclan said:

Is there any need for the brick specials above the front door in the photo?


The timber provides a natural horizontal line anyway.


Is the concern that you will see the edge of the render board from underneath? 


Hmmm...Not sure ....suppose as we had seen it done in the photo (same house) ..we thought it was deemed necessary for tidiness.


I think over the last few days we have come to the conclusion that these "brick on edge" bits will be too much and so are going for just the 50cm 

sills that come with the windows.


On another note I am still undecided on this plinth row .....as it technically runs to UNDER or close the bottom  a lot of the downstairs windows ....to leave this UNDER the window sill ....or basically have  a "break in it" where it meets the protruding UPVC sill ......and in this case have the plinth row it running in LINE withe Sills around the building ...


What do you think ?

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