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Path of least resistance !


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Well with the trench blocks in its time to sort out my services and stuff


for drainage and waste i basically COPIED the paths from an identical house 

but as I am doing the pipework and paths myself (as much as i can anyway) 

I wouldn't mind a bit of the usual good advice from the sages on here !


In your guys (or girls) honest opinion 


1. does the waste and rainwater make sense ? ....do you think i need to add anymore feeds for RW
at the top left?


2. The services (sadly) enter the house on the wrong side (see blue arrow) ...I have to get virtually

EVERYTHING to the Blue cross as this trench carries it all 30m to the road 


Sewage, Water, Electric, Gas and Telecoms (too possibly)


How would you lot do it ?  ..as in what way? 


I have some pics below that could help you visualise it 


a) planned water paths

b) roofscape ( the bit on the right is a single storey sunroom

c) example of identical house built a few years ago 


any advice is appreciated 







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I’d say you’re missing a rainwater connection top left of the plan.


For the utilities, I’d take the shortest path around the house. Where’s the meters going? Some utility companies want them facing the road or at the side, but accessible, so no gates.

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Well I was hoping to get them all in the utility room ....marked with arrow.
So the meters will be at that side.


I think the wife will want some gates though! ...sooner or later. So not sure how that will work.

the house is about 10m from the entrance, and the entrance is 7m from the road (as it crosses a
large grass verge (council land)






by the way ..the actual driveway is at the top left..thats where the road access is 

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Think you may be right about that rainwater

might get another one planned for that corner coming into B-C


Been thinking about sunroom also ...should thee be one on either side ?

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I have had some thoughts on the Gas/Elec/Water/Telecom connections

as these too will need to go to the "other side" of the house ..see above pic.


Wouldn't it be a lot easier if they run UNDER the beam and block ...or is this not allowed/conventional?

Otherwide there is going to be even MORE pipes running around the place to get to the opening at the bottom


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I think you may be correct ....I Googled some info after i posted and apparently Gas under buildings is

a major no-no.


The thing I am thinking is 


1. I want to save as much as i can and do the trenches and pipe laying on our own land

2. later get them to inspect and connect me up


But I am troubled by the LONG run ...40metres from my meters to the boundary (on parents house front)

Will this matter  to them ?


Can i just run some "ducts" and later they put the pipe through ?


There is talk about gas only "allowed to turn on a "90 deg angle" ... how does this make pipe laying and later "threading"



I have tried reading all the PDF online...but there is so much conflicting info 

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