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Hi Guys,


Just wondering has anyone come across Epoxy tiles. 


We are looking a large format tile and have found a 1200 x 1200 tile that we like the look of and price wise is really good. 


They are Epoxy tiles with a depth of 6mm which makes my a bit anxious as regular ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually thicker than this. 


Does anyone have any experience with them?


Also not sure how they are cut so would any local tilers be walking away from the job or likely to charge a large (unknown) Premium?




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I've specified this type of tile for a commercial project although they were quite a bit larger than the ones you're looking at. The boss of the tiling company was happy to use them at first but his tilers found them to be very difficult to work with particularly the cutting and he had to change tilers in the end to ones who had experience in working with that type of tile. I think they did the cutting off site after a few disasters cutting them on site. Wastage was much higher than with normal tiles. Breaking large tiles gets expensive very quickly.

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