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A Robust Non-Gas Heating / Water System for Rentals

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45 minutes ago, JSHarris said:

Depends on how even the temperatures are around you. 

Yep. As my feet are not only furthermost from the radiator but also the the closest to the cold of the floor and the external wall, they get very cold. Even though the face is not far from the 2G window it is never that bad. 


46 minutes ago, JSHarris said:

 The solid concrete floor of our old house has no insulation, and if you stand around for a while, or sit with your feet on the floor, it doesn't take long for your feet to feel cold.  I tested this out with a 50mm thick offcut of PIR foam, that I put on the floor under my desk, to rest my feet on.  It makes a very significant difference to how my feet feel!

This is exactly what we have. I will look around for some PIR, this trick may take me through this winter! 😊 Thanks! 


In the long run, even though it is expensive, replacing the slab is the way to go for us. 

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