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Driveway Suggestions/Help


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We have a driveway leading to a back yard which has an area of 170m2. The overall area is just shy of 400m2. This will mostly be surfaced using 10mm SMA.

However, there is part of the yard at rear which I'm considering surfacing with a contrast to the SMA. This contrast area will be mostly pedestrian for access to a patio area, garage and vehicles. I'd like for it to have increased grip for elderly family member to walk on during wet weather and winter.

We have ruled out paving slabs as neither of us like them, and probably similar for block paving too. Likewise, pebbles/gravel/loose stone is not desired. Preference is for a solid surface. 

So the question is what type of surface could we get out down that would fulfil the brief and have good longevity?
It will be an area of approx 90m2. The remainder will be SMA.

I had thought that resin bound gravel would be an option, but I have doubts about it due to its longevity and long term cleanliness. Am I right to be concerned or is that unfounded?

One person I spoke to, just suggested to do it all in SMA and use cobbles to create a border to delineate between the areas.

Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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22 minutes ago, nod said:

Imprinted concrete is long lasting and come in a multitude of designs and colours 

I had thought of exposed concrete, but the inability to drain freely would be a drawback. 

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4 hours ago, dpmiller said:

Collen Bros are the guys for coloured asphalt locally, AFAIK?

I'll give them a message. I had thought from reading that section of their website that it was only a one off project rather than a range of products they offered. 

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