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MF ceiling edge support and wiring

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Simple question I hope,


What's the preferred onsite methods for cable drops when using mf ceiling? 

Cut the mf6 short and leave a gap?, Cut the top/bottom and just fold out the way?  I can't really chase behind as the timber wall plate is just above the mf6.  Then protect the cable in conduit as it passes over/between the metal, protect from the sharp edges?

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@nod pretty please!  Looking at a single layer of 15mm acoustic boards followed by skim, is 1200*1200 hangers/mf7 ok, or should i decrease the spacing.   I’ll be fixing the boards @ 400’s as per.




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26 minutes ago, nod said:

Top hat always at 400 centres 

Double board or Sounblock over 12.5 

Decrease hangers to 800s 


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