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Dormer Permitted Development in conservation area

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Hi Guys


I just want to clarify for my dormer extension...

Are permitted development rights removed completely in a conservation area or do I still have permitted development rights provided its not facing the highway?

I want a dormer extension at the rear of the house which wouldn't be visible from the highway.


Thanks in advance



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Found this….

In conservation areas, normal permitted development rights are restricted. This enables more control over the size, design and location of extensions and alterations. Check if planning permission required.


mind you, on a previous house I was told I needed to apply for planning on a rear dormer (non conservation area) but they were telling porkies, only required on road facing elevation.

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You can't enlarge a dwellinghouse in a conservation area by altering or adding to it's roof by using permitted development. You'll need planning permission whatever face it's on. Not to say it wouldn't be approved if sympathetically done.

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