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Egg crate lifting on corners

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Hi all

Having a mini meltdown in a race against the clock for screeders coming.

We were specified egg crates upstairs as we only have 20mm insulation and none in some areas.

I am laying the pert pipe and absolutely losing my mind.

Every 90 degree corner I do causes the egg crate to lift. It goes back down easy enough if I press it but obviously it can't be like this for the screed.

Am I missing a trick?

Appreciate any insight!

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I'd try adding some standard UFCH pipe staples. The minimum length is probably 40mm, so if you only have 20mm of insulation you'll need to staple over the pipe, though the crate and into the insulation. And you'll need to punch a pair of holes through the crate first for each staple. Hopefully the insulation won't lift too, but if it does you'll have to add some temporary bricks.


I guess you're using a liquid screed - if so pouring it from the centre of the floor will also hopefully help to flatten everything and allow you to take out the bricks.

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