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Quickbase foundations

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Hi all, 


I am investigating mini piling and ground beam options as I'm having a few issues with my soil, hedges and trees, neighbour's extension location and the miniscule depth of my existing brick footings. I came across Shire's Quickbase foundations and wondered if anyone has seen them in action? 


It seems to be a concrete free pile and beam offering. Helical screws, then a plastic prefab beam which gets filled with a grout onsite to make it rigid and a proprietary floor slab on top. All installed in a day. 


They seem to be mostly used for conservatories, but also some single story extensions. As I'm doing a timber build and timber clad extension they might work. 


Has anyone seen them in the wild? Any thoughts on the longevity of something like this? 


Thanks in advance for any thoughts 




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