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Stonework - clarification as to what is included in meterage price

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Hi, I was wondering if any parties could help me to determine what I am being told by my stonemasons is correct as it does not make sense to me. 


Situation: We have received 60m2 amount of stone on site which includes 10mm joints and on each pallet is 6m2. If there is one pallet left over, am I correct to assume that only 54m2 has been laid? 


I have been told I am incorrect because that 10mm joint does not include perp joints?


Could any stonemasons clarify. I'm asking for third party clarification as first I was told the suppliers oversupply stone (the supplier confirmed not), then I was told I wasn't including corners and then I've been told its got to do with the mortar, and now im being told its the perp joint they are referring to. 


We have paid each and every bill received but anyone that knows stonemasons costs are high and this additional 6m2 makes a difference!

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