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What to do first?

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We are nearly through all the legal paperwork and need to get on with making decisions...

We have an old bungalow within a half acre plot which are are looking to demolish and build 4 bed house on. We also want to build a large storage/workshop at the bottom of the garden (garden only is green belt). We were going to apply for P.D for workshop, build and use for storage and then apply for planning for the house but due to how much the existing bungalow is costing us currently and £50k quotes for workshop I'm now wondering whether to apply and build the house first and use self storage short term. I believe if we submit planning for both incorporating the workshop it would not get passed as per architects feelings and potentially neighbour issues, so looks like it would them be P.D after once house complete. Opinions please.  Anyone had similar circumstances. Would P.D after being an issue or would we be better doing it first? Thank you 

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There is a “possibility” that upon grant of Planning, the LPA may remove your PD rights. So the outbuilding would then require Planning and may well be refused due to its impact within the openness of the Green Belt.


It’s always advisable to get any PD works done first.

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Your scenario is quite similar to ours, cottage demo & big house build.  except we did the workshop / barn as PD AFTER the house was built and occupied.  but clearly not the same issues you have.  


are you legitimately able to build the the workshop as a garage if so not liable for VAT saving you the 20%.  Then use the garage as a storage etc.   big though if it’s questionable whether you’d get PP.


Otherwise have you thought about a very basic steel framed building under PD.  Surely way under £50k.  Use as storage.  Then build house.  Then if able to do so financially fit out the steel building to a higher standard insulation etc if that’s your intention.  Using left over materials from the main build.


are you demo’ing the cottage yourself - we saved £tens of thousands doing so.








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