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loose ridge tiles

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I am posting here about some work needed to my roof. I was given three options by a roofer and I’m not sure which one to choose.
The problem is that a lot of my ridge tiles are loose. They are not broken though, except the central vent tile which is cracked. I have discussed with a local roofer who has good customer reviews, and he has given me three options: install a dry ridge system for £1,800, re-bed the ridge tiles for £1,500 or re-point them for £650 (these prices are inclusive of the replacement of the vent tile and of replacing a couple of other broken tiles on the side of my roof).
Are there experts on here who can advise me? Which of these options would be the most suitable in my circumstances? I attach a few photos, so you can see what the condition of my roof is like. This roof is old but in fairly good condition, and there doesn’t appear to be any leak inside the loft: I looked in there during a downpour and I couldn’t see any water leaking.
So, what is your advice?




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I have no particular comment re the prices, except that if I thought the quote for re-bed exg was OK I'd go for dry ridge, if you see what I mean.


I strongly suspect that the roofer has added a 'faffing factor' for the fact that the PVs will (if my guesstimeasurement is correct-ish) preclude the use of conventional roof hooks, and 'sitting astride' (probably not in the HSE handbook but some people's 'bag') looks impossible too.


Have you yet got a 2nd (and 3rd?) price? If you were not specific in your request to the 1st roofer (perhaps 'can you sort the ridge out?') maybe use the 1st roofer's quote (if it is specific) as a template so that, as far as you can tell, you are comparing like with like.

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