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Basement - warranty and waterproofing

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We having planning for a self build passive house that includes an 81 sqm basement. We've had for quotes for the basement and the most affordable one is from an old school groundworks / basement company that will build the box but don't do waterproofing so we'll probably get that done separately, using Type B & C.


I had a couple of questions I'm hoping the forum might be able to help with: 


1. We'll went a new build warranty with the house. Are there any warranty specific requirements for a basement? We've got an experienced structural engineer on board, it will meet building regs etc.... For our current self build, our warranty required us to get an insurance backed guarantee on the flat roof install. I'm guessing the warranty provider will want an insurance backed guarantee on the waterproofing. Is there anything else? I plan to call a warranty company as well, but would appreciate the thoughts of anyone who has been through the process.


2. Any advice around organising our own Type B & C waterproofing? I'm assuming we'll need a firm to design and install it (or to use one of the design firms approved installers) so that we get an insurance backed guarantee. Any recommendations of firms (I'm south east London based)? Indications of what it might cost?



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I've spoke to a couple of warranty companies and they told me there were no special requirements for covering a basement. However, it seems to be standard that they don't cover water ingress (which is why they don't insist on an insurance backed guarantee).


We're looking at Type B & C waterproofing on our basement. If anyone has any recommendations of companies they've used please let me know!

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