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Broken stone lintel under roof

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Hi all, 

Just bought a 1920s (we think) house at auction and on the right hand side there are 2 lintels that support a small roof structure. The right one has some cracks in it.. reasonably significant in size. With these only supporting a few bricks directly above does anyone know if it would be safe to repair in situ or would it need to be removed and replaced? 

Many thanks ☺️ 

Screenshot_20240427-135416-158 (1).png

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Not only are they supporting a few bricks they are also supporting the wall plate and roof trusses. You need to establish how bad the cracks are, I would imagine if severely cracked (right through) the roof would have sagged by now. 

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Thanks Joe90, 

The cracking has caused water ingress to the inside of the property so I'm thinking it must be reasonably damaged right through the stone to allow rainwater in. 

It's the first job we are going to tackle as soon as we pick the keys up. I just wondered how serious it was really and to figure out the cost of fixing or replacement. 


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