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Upvc Glazing Gaskets


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This ref the "rubbers" that seal 2G units on an internally glazed door. I've changed the 28mm units from patterned to clear glass made up by a local place. 


To measure up I hooked out the rubbers, removed the internal plastic beads with a paint scraper and measured the glass. I then refitted the glass, refitted the beads inside and lastly, refitted the rubbers which tbh was a pita. 


The new units made, I again hook out the rubbers, then take out the internal beads. New unit fitted and trims in, rubbers last. What a pig,   ten times worse than when I first did it! I've made a hash of if and in places the rubbers are irretrievably distorted. When I removed / refitted the second time the ambient temperature was warmer. I even used some silicone spray to help ease things in and worked my way along pushing the rubbers in with a screwdriver. New rubbers are the only option.






What did I do wrong?


I'm also having trouble matching the profile despite having ordered a sample pack off eBay:







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2 hours ago, dpmiller said:

so is it likely your spray lubricant has swollen the rubber?


Dunno, someone else said don't take the rubbers out!


So I took the windows out, clipped the rubbers back in, put the units in and banged the trims on with a rubber mallet. All good.



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