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Will Luxaflex Sirius 10% blinds solve my computer glare issue?


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My study has a west facing window and in the afternoon I get rather a lot of sunshine coming in. My computer screen is perpendicular to the west facing wall, so it does catch most of this sun/glare resulting in a rather suboptimal computer viewing experience. I'd like to filter out the glare, without having to use blackout blinds, as I would still like to work in daylight - otherwise what's the point of windows!

Went to a blind shop who recommended Luxaflex Sirius 10% as being the only material they supplied which would do this. It's basically weaved from an opaque material, which would almost be blackout, save that the weave is loose enough that it leaves gaps in the weave amounting to about 10% of the area to let some light through, I assume about 10% of the light might get through, though I'm not waves travelling through holes work exactly light that. (You can see a picture of the weave on the link above.)

I have ordered some samples, but my window is large and the sample is smaller than a postcard one hundredth the size of my window, so I'm not sure it will help me figure out whether it will work as I would like.


Does anybody have experience of either Luxaflex Sirius 10% or of solving the computer glare issue in a similar room/orientation?

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49 minutes ago, MR10 said:

My understanding is that those screen filters protect your eyes from glare from the computer. I want to protect the monitor from glare from the window.

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