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Which ASHP?

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Gas out, ashp in - house is warmer, larger and comfier for a little less per annum…


And I don’t need to pay a gas-safe guy to mess with it, and we can get rid of the combustion appliance inside the house . Win-win…


1946 end of Terrace, on a hill, facing SW, 50mm cavity…


it could cost Me £500 more per year and I wouldn’t care, it’s a superior way to heat a home.


As for which one to install, one where the room controller/thermostat will adjust the weather comp curve for you instead of just turning the unit on/off. So Vaillant or Mitsubishi.

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We went round in circles re trust; designed to passive insulation and airtightness; but an upside down house which meant that an insulated slab/UFH solution wasn’t suitable.  Large (ish) North and South windows due to views  In the end we’ve gone for a few radiators, single zone,  assumed 35/30 flow rate @21/-3 which worked our at 3kW peak so a 5kW ASHP (R32) and PV running WC made sense.   Worse case scenario we can push the flow rate higher with minimal impact on COP or just buy another dog.

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