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What can I do?

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We have a rather large run of guttering on the side of our house. If I was to have a guess I would probably say around 50ft.

When it rains we get alot of overflow which pours onto the side of the house wall.

I've been trying to resolve this over the years but looks like the best option is to put in a downpipe. However next door do not what this as it means water going onto their driveway. Does anyone else have any other ideas on what we can do to stop water overflowing?




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Get a good roofing company / gutter supplier to work out the correct gutter size for the area of roof and run. You need oversized gutters and a downpipe as close as possible each end. I'd put an Acco in front of the garage door so I can put a downspouts right in that corner if there is space and save 2-3 meters of run over the garage door before it's discharged. You might be able to remove the other downspout altogether.


Really just a case of too much supply of water and not enough discharge capacity. Standard gutters won't cut it. Now they will look and be a lot bigger so that's a conversation to have as they will hang over the neighbours boundary a bit but it avoids an intermediate downpipe on their side of the wall. Worth a look into anyway! 

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