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Kerbing, dwarf walls, and brickwork on slopes


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I've 50m of pin kerbs to lay. We've laid footings as the ground was moved around so not always firm, and a we had a min order of concrete to deal with so we are where we are.


A lot of the kerbs and dwarf walls kerbs (415mm tall) will be on slopes. Is there a general rule on how to do this? From my understanding I just string it out so the kerbs are at a consistent height above the local ground. Do you generally start at the top of a hill, or at the bottom? Does it matter? At some points we'll be transitioning from 150mm kerbs up to the 315mm and 415mm dwarf walls. I understand the process of haunching etc.


Same question for brick walls . we have stepped footings in place for 15m wall, dropping 1.5m so several steps. Start brickwork at top or bottom? 



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I would start at the bottom of the hill, so that first one laid provides some support to the next one and so on. Same for the brickwork. But other than that, I’m clueless.

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