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Achieving the below in brick and block?

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I found this image on one of the blogs, and I just love how the cladding is recessed back into the structure.  Our proposed build is faced brick, 150mm cavity and the block.  Is it simply a case that for the recessed part you would use the following layup.


18mm osb

Vapour barrier

150mm studwork with celotex between

18mm osb

Breathable roofing membrane




As the thickness of this is less than brick + cavity + block it is recessed back so that the osb is flush with the face of the internal block work.  



20201014_161125.jpg.2119b3b18936a3ef5368ac24d918ef9a (1).jpg

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We did a similar detail with brick plinths and piers and "recessed" weather boarding.


The walls are block - cavity - block as the main buildup, and then an additional skin of non-structural facing brickwork sits Infront of this.  The cladding goes onto membrane and battens on the outer blockwork, adjusting the batten depth to give the amount of recess you require.


It's an expensive detail as you basically build an lot of additional blockwork, but I think it it really lifts our build.


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