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Gable end rebuild..any pointers?

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Not sure if this is the best place,but..


I need to take down my gable end and rebuild it. It has wall tie failure and it will, when rebuilt -higher on one side- form a cheek of a new dormer.


My question is really abut the process and support for the roof during.


It's a purlin/ cut rafter type roof and there is a loft conversion already which has steel running directly under the purlin at floor level with uprights that support the purlin every 100cm or so.


I'm thinking that the purlin isn't going to be much of an issue...

And the ridge is a board so the rafters are likely going to hold that up. 


With all the above considered any suggestions precautions do I need when taking the gable down?






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Sounds like the support is pretty good. The next significant risk would be from wind getting into the roof. Unless you have calm weather forecast you may need to install a temporary stud gable wall first - you can potentially do the framework from the inside - which may also be helpful for security.


However, if there is wall tie failure, are you certain that's confined to the gable?

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Great point about the wind, thank you.


I'm hoping the inner skin isn't cracked like the outer so it can stay up. But if it is, i'll definitely build a studwall internally like you suggest.

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