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Anyone with experience of Projectors/screens etc on buildhub?

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Looking for a fairly discreet setup in my lounge, colleague at work showed me his setup that he installed with motorised lift/screen etc, looks great, just what I'd like to do!


A big issue I have is that I'd like a projector lift in the centre of my ceiling (symmetry), problem with me having Pozi joists, I've got a ruddy Strongback in the way with about 150mm clearance underneath.  If I offset the lift to the left or right of the Strongback would I have to move the screen from centre, or do projectors have the ability to deal with being offset and correct the image?


Aside from that, anyone else play with screens and projectors, what ya got in terms of screen, lift/shelf?

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Placement of projector is dependent on model specs and screen size. You need to select a projector and then use an online calculator. 



Distance from screen affects overall brightness, but reduces contrast. Have the projector too close and you might get hot spotting. 

I have a fixed screen, so no experience of motorised screens. The projector section at AVSForums.co.uk is friendly and helpful. 



If you are looking at DLP projectors, make sure you and your other half don’t see the rainbow effect. This is nowhere near as prevalent these days, but if you see it, you won’t enjoy the projector. Each projector type has it strengths and weaknesses. 

10 years ago you had bulb projectors and needed to worry about all sorts of issues. Laser has really simplified everything. 



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