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Must I site my boiler in the same room as the unvented HWC?

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Just the question above please - if I put the boiler in the room immediately above the UVC (ie on separate floors of the house, but one directly above the other) is that OK?  Will it be more difficult to service them?  Thank you!

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Until recently my boiler was several rooms away from the UVC.


Now they are within 3ft of each other in my ‘plant loft’ (!)


arguably no easier to service (probably harder) but less energy wasted on cylinder reheat as boiler flow only travels 3ft through well insulated pipes.

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13 hours ago, SteamyTea said:

As long as you have ALL the pipes well lagged, there is no problem about where you fit the UVC.



Absolutely - My boiler is 5m from the HW Tank - the pipes run inside the heated envolope of the house (between the ground floor and 1st floor) but are not lagged and I lose 2 deg of flow temp between the boiler and the HW Tank


When the kitchen gets replaced this year the ceiling is coming down anyway so both flow and return pipes will get lagged then

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