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Ground floor insulation?

Alan Ambrose

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with the caveat that we're not living in it yet and the basement is still bare concrete.......


over the winter i've had the heating on down there with a target temperature of 18°C in order to allow heat to rise up to the rest of the house before the ground floor UFH was turned on. it was lovely and warm! tbh, i don't think i'd want it any warmer.


i have between 50mm - 100mm of EPS under the screed on the GF. it was mostly to have something to staple the ufh pipes to and also to raise the level of the floor in a cheaper way than a deeper screed. i have no idea what sort of difference it makes tbh.


our flow temp is 30°C at the moment. i'll probably take it up to 35°C next winter once we're living in there to get our target temp of 20°C but we'll see.

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