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Condensation in electric meter box

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i I have noticed quite a lot of condensation forming inside my electric meter box, especially during the recent really cold weather.


The box is in our garage so it is not exposed to the elements. It is surface mounted and fitted on the “external” side of the insulated cavity wall of our house, but the garage itself is not insulated other than that one wall that it is mounted on so it is a cold “room” as the other three sides of the garage are not insulated, and nor is the floor (although the garage roof is insulated). 

the only thing I can think of is that we have tumble drier ducting running along the wall underneath the box and then venting to the outside of the garage, so that is obviously carrying the warm air from the tumble dryer past the meter box. Perhaps the localised warm air from that is mixing with the cold air in the garage and that is causing condensation to form inside the meter box? I can’t think of any other reason!


is that possible? Any ideas how to fix it? Perhaps I can stick a few block of rigid insulation on the inside of the meter box walls?


any thoughts and help appreciated!



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Chances are the TD duct is leaking and letting warm moist air into the garage.


Best solution.  Change for a condensing TD.  More efficient, no need for a vent, all the water is collected, and the heat used stays inside your house.  Just block up the old redundant vent hole.


Even better solution, get a heat pump tumble dryer, but that is more money.

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Thanks @ProDave  

Aside from getting a new TD, any other suggestions?!

I’ve checked all the ducting and it’s all sealed, but it’s only plastic so obviously does get warm and probably therefore warms up the air around the meter box. 

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