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Issue with exterior render and windows


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Hi everyone ,


thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to respond to this post. I am really grateful.


I have an issue when it rains that the water appears to come down through the render and drip from the seal with the window/patio door. Fortunately it drips the building side of the window and not into the house.


As far as I know there is no issue with damp inside the house. 

You can see from the pictures that it looks like the render has been patched up around the window and patio door. There is no gutter above this section of the property and there is a valley gutter to the left. I have no issue with any other door or window.


I would appreciate any help with what’s going on and if there is anything I need to watch or take remedial action on. We have been in the house for 6 years.





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