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Fire proofing above a consumer unit.

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Consumer unit in its own cupboard, on ground floor. Loft room above. 

What sort of fire proofing needs to be done inside the cupboard to the ceiling area. 

the internal walls of the cupboard are boarded in pink boar, the ceiling is open at the moment. 

consumer unit to be fitted next week. 

90% of the cables come from above and drop down vertically to the Cu. 


Do do I need fire collars around the cables, or is it a case of pink boarding the ceiling, and fire mastic or foam. 




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Your ceiling should be the same as the others in the house - not sure how many storeys but it's going to be at least modified half hour. Plasterboard and skim will give that. The floor isn't a compartment floor so there is no specific requirement to fire stop a penetration but I'd make the hole for the cables as small as possible and foam up the spaces left. If they are surface mounted in the cupboard presumably they'd be in a trunking so as to look neat.

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