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Location of Domestic Fuse Box


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I'm restoring an old cottage in Scotland. It is off grid.

We've been living in a caravan on site for a few years and have an off-grid solar PV system with DC but also a small inverter for 240V. I'm just wiring up the cottage now, in readiness for moving the electrics over.

I've done the DC, but I would like some advice please on the regulations regarding the siting of a domestic 240V fuse box or breaker. We have 240V 13A sockets in the caravan and will have them in the cottage. Their power will come through an MCB near the battery, then via an inverter. All there will be in the cottage is one ring circuit of 240V. I would like to know please whether there needs to be a separate breaker in the cottage. Specifically, what do wiring regulations say about siting of fuses? Can they be external or must they be inside the dwelling?



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