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New Render - Can I paint it now?

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We had a newly built small outbuilding rendered about 10 days ago (top coat was 10 days ago) scratch coat was about 4 weeks ago. The render has gone very light in colour and appears completely dry. We have a break in the weather in the SE and for the next 4 days its looking like the daytime temperature will be 12/13 degrees and 8 degrees overnight. No rain forecast.

Does anyone know if it would be ok to give it all a mist coat to give it some form of protection? I wondered if the render will be dry enough. The sandtex paint is labelled as breathable as its the microseal one and can be applied in temps no lower than 8 degrees.

I'm thinking some protection would be a good thing before the weather really turns but don't want it flaking off if it's too soon.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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