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Need to get a generator so got to thinking of getting one big enough to power the house. Originally budgeted 3.5 to 4k. When I looked into electric connection it's either 3500 or 4700 quid. So if I were to add the connection fee to the original budget that would easily get me a 20kva unit. Coupled with solar and not limited to 5kw inverter(if off grid) is it feasible? Wouldn't have funds for big battery though that will have to come later. Anyone doing similar? Thoughts welcome.

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28 minutes ago, Jenki said:

I think you will need batteries or your winters are going to be 24/7 diesel genny chugging away.  Fogstar DIY batteries are a good solution- and on my future shopping list...

Thanks Jenki, I wonder how those batteries compare with the likes of dyness/ Huawei that seem to be the most popular mentioned over here with solar arrays.

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