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Garage electrics help


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OK. It isn't technically a garage, it's my flat roofed man cave, build with block and brick (and clad with wood). But it has the same footprint as a single garage....


Anyway. Just been prepping the electrics before I select a qualified spark to come and complete the install, and being a novice, thought I'd run this past you experts to prevent said spark A) ripping all my inadequate prep B) laughing his head off.


It's a simple installation of sockets and lighting, via armoured (already purchased) into the garage consumer unit (purchased). The man cave is only a couple metres from the house, the trench is dug.


I've installed three x 2 gang socket boxes where I want them - screwed directly to the block wall, with 20mm conduit running up to the top and linked along just under the roof line (see diagram).




Now, the reason I've gone down/up and along and not straight across to link the sockets is because I've batonned the wall which will be covered by panels of ply.. I can't go through the batons. It's a lot of faff I no as it will be much easier to slap it all on the top of the ply, but i just thought it would save a little space and look much nicer. 

So my questions to the erudite are:

• Does this look like a doable set up in its current config?

• Will all the cables (2.5mm) fit in the 20mm conduit?

• Do i need junction boxes anywhere or will three way conduit connectors with inspection panels suffice?

• Is there anything glaringly obvious I've missed?? (Prob lots!)


BTW the consumer unit (and possibly the light switch), unlike the sockets, will be situated on top of the ply.


Thanks for any input you are willing/able to put forward.




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No 1, if you are expecting to lay in the cables and then get an electrician to sign it off then find that electrician first and discuss the details with him.  Electricians can sign off work partly done by others, but are not obliged to, and many will not entertain that.


What cable are you proposing?  2.5mm conduit singles will fit in 20mm conduit okay.  If you really want to, 2 lengths of 2.5mm twin and earth will JUST fit if you are careful and keep them flat, no twists.   NO chance of a third (lighting) cable in the same conduit if you choose that.


Personally I would just run one run of conduit horizontally from socket to socket no tees.  And a separate conduit up to the lights.


Read up and understand safe zones or agree routing with your chosen electrician.

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Thanks Dave. Yeah I won't be putting in any cables myself, just the basic infrastructure to house them. 

Can't run horizontally from socket to socket, as mentioned the batons for the ply are in the way. The current set up is in line with safe zones I believe..

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