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Roof Leak Issue: What is the best next steps?


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1. Roof beams wet, damp, mouldy at the top of the roof.
2. 2 beams in a terrace house of around 20 beams, so isolated to those beams. Two separate areas. One much worse than the other. 
3. There is a small hole in the felt. The water is absorbing into the beam, see photo.
4. Had a roofer round, he said could be the ridges. He filled the ridges with a mastik or some kind of sealant. He said there should not be any ingress of water now.
5. The beams is still damp, mouldy when raining. He said the only way to fix it is to remove the ridges, refelt that area, then put ridges back on.
6. Problem is that the ridges are cemented firm against the tiles and if we remove them it will more than likely break the tiles and cause more damage to the tiles that will then need replacing.
7. He said another reason could be that there is condensation between the felt and the tiles when wet. I dont think this is the case as in my separate image where the chimney flue is, there is a big gap in the felt but no water issue. 
8. My conclusion, water is ingressing in this area, damaging the beam. Is my only option to rip all the ridges off, refelt the area. Quote is circa £500 +materials. 

Please see images attached. Appreciate if any builders/roofers could advise on their opinion on this, where is the water coming from, it's not dripping wet but wet enough that it's causing the wood to crumble at the very top in the image.


Roof Area with issue- 



Wet beam with hole in felt. Note tiles are dry here, as there has been no rain. 



Seperate part of the roof, no damp so i dont think it can be condensation 



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Well I'm not a roofer but if you have holes letting wind through and damp air in the loft it could condensate in the area. However if it were me I would foam the holes until airtight from the loft and see what happens.


Good luck




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