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land boundary question

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Hi All


Just in the process of buying some land to build on.  The plot in question has never had any property on it but does have OPP for single dwelling.


The boundary to one side is with a rectory, which has been there since the 70's, previously it was a pub.


The boundary to this side is odd in that it kicks in about 10 m. or so from the front before angling to the rear of plot, a little like a slice of pie.


In the early 2000's (I have found photographic evidence of this via google earth) a fence was constructed (stone base with timber panels on top) that basically cut this slice off from the vicarage.  It is completely overgrown to the point where I cannot yet get in to see what is there.


Before I approach anyone regarding ownership, and if necessay the purchase of the strip of land, I want to get an idea of the process and potentil pitfalls ahead.


In the worst case, if we couldn't buy, it wouldn't affect build process, but it would be advantageous to us if we could utilise the space in the potential positioning of proposed residence.


So any poiunters and comments welcome.  I wil lin the fullnes of time post some pictures of plot.





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